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40 Countries Jointly Established the Global Design Industry Organization and Issued “Design Industry Declaration” in Yantai!

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In 1919, modern industrial design was born in Germany.

In 2019, representatives of innovative design from 40 countries gathered in Yantai to witness a new era of industrial design.

The design industry is standing on the stage of history!

On October 18-20, 2019 World Industrial Design Conference was grandly opened in Yantai, Shandong. 40 countries around the world worked together to launch the establishment of the first Global Design Industry Organization. Global design innovators reached a consensus and jointly issued the “Design Industry Declaration” to innovate through design, plan a development course, draw an industrial blueprint, serve people's livelihood, protect ecological environment and create a better life!


For the past 100 years

We handed over great ideas and beautiful pursuits to manufacturing.

Today, factories and shopping malls are no longer our God.

Today, industrial design will directly define the value and creative industry. This is the advancement and necessity of the times!

The design will no longer stop at great ideas;

The design will become a genuine innovative industry!

Design Industry Declaration

We, representing different coutries andregions, design industrial organizations and communities, will hold the 3rd World Industrial Design Conference on October 18, 2019 in Yantai, China. Anunanimous consensus has been achieved. Global economic and social development face uncertainty and instability. With the rise of new business mode, new format and new industry, New and old kinetic energy conversion and economic globalization require new ideas and motivation. 

In this respect, the conference advocates that international orgnizations, national  governments, global design industries and various industrial fields shall unite to promote design industryas a powerful engine for economic and social development. Fully utilize and exert creativity, value,and leadership of design innovation, to increase industrial value, to cultivate industrial vitality, to spur industrial upgrading, and to shape future industrial structure. We pledge to build a global design industry organization, to revitalize the industry and create a better life, to promote prosperity and protect the earth. Together we will make our contributions to achieving ahigh-quality, sustainable development!