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An International Giant of Design is Coming to Yantai!

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Maserati, Rolls Royce

Those cars are well known around the world.

The unique driving experience makes you most excited.

All of these are created by this fantastic design team --- Pininfarina.

In this October, Pininfarina is coming to WIDC in Yantai!

At WIDC, it will fulfill all your fantasy about design!


Strong design power has contributed to the success of Ferrari.

Pininfarina, as the design team of Ferrari, one of its masterpiece is Enzo Ferrari. It is a new generation of perfect aerodynamics performance with Fl technology. Combined with Ferrari’s advanced aerodynamics testing equipment, the team finally designed the ultimate sports car the most similar to racing car throughout history.

The first model is the electric supercar---Battista

Combined with the latest research result of aerodynamics, the design of Pininrina naturally presents the characteristics of cars with the forward-looking feature. As the first model of Automobili Pininfarina, Battista has a smooth and elegant body line and represents the current highest level of this electric supercar brand, which is of great significance to the Binnifarina.

On October 18, Pininrina will appear at 2019 World Industrial Design Conference & Industrial Design World Expo. Let’s go to meet with the design masters of the automobile industry at WIDC2019!