- WIDC2016 -


In December 2016, the first World Industrial Design Conference was grandly held, and more than a thousand design elites from around the world went to Hangzhou for a grand celebration. During the conference, more than 10 innovation forums and nearly 30 multilateral talks on the design industry were held, covering the design industry development summit, design development round table summit, national high-end dialogue on the development of the industrial design industry, and design education, design industry, service design forums, etc. The conference released the Global Design Action Program "Liangzhu Design Declaration", advocating to jointly create a future-oriented design ecology, foster an open and shared design culture, pursue inclusive and coordinated design development, guide sustainable development of design capital, and help design talents with an international perspective. At the same time, the conference released the "2016 China Industrial Design Industry Development Report" (Green Paper). The Green Paper comprehensively shows the development of the industrial design industry in recent years. During the meeting, international design organizations, national design associations, design agencies and design institutions signed a package of cooperation memoranda.

I. Date:
December 2016

. Venue:
Mengqi Town of Designers, Liangzhu, Zhejiang, China

. Theme:

. Organization Structure

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China
The People's Government of Zhejiang Province
China Industrial Design Association

Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Commission

The People’s Government of Hangzhou

Center for International Economic and Technological Cooperation

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, P.R.C
Support Unit:
China National Light Industry Council

International Council of Design

International Council of Societies of Industrial Design

The Bureau of European Design Associations

Service Design Network

European Union Intellectual Property Office