- About TIA -

Top Innovation Award (TIA) can be traced back to the "National Evaluation on Excellent Product Design" organized by China Industrial Design Association in 1980. The last 37 years have seen the industrial design award scheme of China becoming an international award. TIA gives priority to the design power that makes outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of the world.
In 2016, the first WIDC was held in Liangzhu (Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province), China. With the attendance of Chinese government and more than 500 industry leaders from 43 international design organizations, WIDC has emerged as an important platform for sharing and cooperation on global design. In 2017, TIA was deeply integrated with the WIDC to achieve the advance of internationalization.
In 2017, TIA was designed to find excellent designs around the world for improving human life to show the power of design, which could demonstrate that design could make the industry more dynamic and the world better.
The 2018 TIA award ceremony was held during the second WIDC, with extensive attention and active participation from many international organizations, design institutes, enterprises and institutions around the world. A total of more than 5000 organizations and individuals from more than 30 countries and regions have registered.
I. Awards
Top Ten Contributing Figures of Design, Top Ten Outstanding Designers, Top Ten Brands of Original Design, Top Ten Service Platforms of Design, Top Ten Provinces and Cities of Design Innovation, Top Ten Chief Design Officer (CDO), Top Ten Design Company, Top Ten Design Center of Enterprises, Top Ten Education Institutions of Design, Top Ten Ecological Design
II. Selection Scope
Companies, design companies, education institutions, design service platforms, government departments, business executives, social promoters, designers and related organizations and individuals around the world
III. Value Promotion
1. Winners and some of the participants will be invited to attend World Industrial Design Conference and the award ceremony, as well as other related activities of the Conference, to promote them internationally.
2. Priority will be given to winners to participate in activities organized by the World Industrial Design Conference, China Industrial Design Association and other international organizations, such as industries connection, design venture capital investment, platform co-construction, brand promotion, exhibition and media publicity.
3. The award-winning achievements and experience will be included in the “Yearbook of the World Industrial Design Conference”, the “Yearbook of China Industrial Design” and the magazine “Design”, and recommended to the relevant international media.
4. Winners will be recommended to participate in international design and enterprise investigation, exchange, connection, cooperation and other activities.