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IDWE2019 Features

A Significant Development Strategic Opportunity for Industrial Design
China is moving to a powerful industrial country, with soaring demand for high-quality development of manufacturing industry and new driving force cultivation. The international development strategy of Chinese enterprises has infused strong impetus into the leap of industrial design and industrialization.

Industry Eco-chain Hub of Industrial Design with Strong Demand
It will be the first time for the Expo to connect the key enterprises of industrial design covering industry chain, process chain and value chain to participate in the exhibition. Taking industrial design as the starting point of innovation chain and the source of value chain, the Expo will create strong international procurement demand, fully connect the global innovative resources such as smart manufacturing, cultural creativity, Internet, financial capital, innovative talents, new materials and new technology, and discovers and creates new demands.

Focus on the Global Development Trend of Design
Global design leaders will focus on international design trends, release new products, share ideas and design concepts, while guiding the topics of industrial products, intelligent technology, new materials and brand strategy.

Promoting the Rise of Brand Value under the Attention of International Major Media
Global media will be opened up to follow up and report the highlights of the Expo, focusing on the core shining points of the exhibitors to attract global attention of all fields, which can promote the publicity of brand extension of enterprises.

Deep Integration of Design and Industry
The representatives of designers from anticipating countries will carry out discussion in a wide range of fields, promoting the cooperation between design industry and other industries such as service, financial investment, talents cultivation, information and big data, which can effectively boost the achievement of the Conference.


Introduction of the Exhibition Area



Introduction of the Exhibition Area

■Design Industry
(1) New technologies that have market transformation potential and are at the stage of design conversion, including: integrated circuits, network applications, IOT, artificial intelligence, semiconductor illumination, wearable device technology, health care technology, human-machine input and interaction technology, innovative drug development technology, agricultural biotechnology, aircraft technology, etc.
(2) Equipment, device, instruments, etc. required for design and development, including: CNC machine tools, 3D printing upstream and downstream, AR/VR equipment, verification laboratory equipment, material surface treatment equipment, ergonomic equipment, user experience testing equipment, intelligent drawing input equipment, intelligent sensing equipment, etc.
(3) New materials and new procedures required for industrial design, including: release of materials and procedure trends, metal materials, ceramic materials, polymer materials, new structural materials, new building materials, information materials, biological materials, energy and environmental materials, extreme environment materials, variable flexible materials, new light source materials, biomimetic materials, touch sensing materials, green recyclable packaging materials, textile fabrics, energy storage materials, somatosensory materials, etc.
(4) Software tools and information platforms applied in R&D design, including: large-scale customized design interaction software, design material database, design computing cloud service, intelligent manufacturing design solution platform, basic software, embedded control software, computer aided design and computer-aided software engineering, graphics and image processing software, artificial intelligence data processing and control software, IoT application software, cloud computing and Internet software, WEB services and integration software, enterprise management software, etc.
(5) Enterprises in the design-oriented extended industrial chain, design-driven innovative products of large enterprises, design-driven brands of SMEs, original designer products, military-civilian integration design products, supply chain product achievements, etc., including the design of track equipment, aerospace equipment, automotive, light vehicles, marine engineering and ships, electronic information products, green environment, consumer products, engineering machinery, medical equipment, new energy, new materials, electronic circuit, public facilities, etc.
(6) The industrial design industry is a leading product in the development of manufacturing industry and a key factor in the added value of the manufacturing industry chain. Excellent traditional manufacturing, strong pillar industries, and large emerging industries all need to rely on industrial design to increase the added value of products and the competitiveness of enterprises. Traditional manufacturing industry provides specialized services through industrial design, accelerates the transformation of the traditional manufacturing industry, and demonstrates consumption upgrades in the new era. Industries of this kind include food manufacturing industry, textile industry, furniture manufacturing industry, chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, chemistry fiber manufacturing industry, metal products industry, general equipment manufacturing industry, special equipment manufacturing industry, automobile manufacturing industry, instrumentation manufacturing industry, etc.
(7)Demonstrate the relevant service content and service strength that various platforms can provide in the design industry chain, including: industrial parks, crowdfunding, new retail e-commerce, industry assessment and affirmation, online community platform for industrial design, intellectual property platform, industry design competitions and awards, forums and summits, industrial design standards platforms, industrial design ventures platforms, original design e-commerce platforms, incubator platforms, etc.

■Design Talents
Demonstrate the platforms, systems and models of colleges and universities, international design masters, educational institutions and training institutions in the field of industrial design, present design results and excellent design works from outstanding graduates of global design schools, create an innovative link of good ideas, good design and good products, discover innovative talents, and realize the value of talents.

■Rural Revitalization and Design for Poverty Alleviation
Demonstrate industrial design products that have significantly promoted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, such as design and re-engineering of traditional handicraft,  projects of beautiful countryside and poverty alleviation by design, military-civilian integration design products, including creation of regional brands, introduction of scientific and technological achievements, talent training and empowerment, regeneration and activation of intangible cultural heritage, cultivation of special industries, special population care, promotion of low-end industries and other projects.

■Design Shandong
Demonstrate the industrial design innovation achievements of ten pillar industries when replacing old growth drivers with new ones in Shandong Province, including high-end equipment industry, new energy and new materials industry, modern marine industry, medical and health industry, high-end chemical industry, modern high-efficiency agriculture, cultural and creative industry, boutique tourism industry, and information technology industry; demonstrate the remarkable results achieved by provincial industrial design centers.

■International Industry
Integrate the wisdom of thousands of masters around the world, integrate and optimize resource elements such as design, R&D, production, channel, brand, finance, supply chain, etc., create a one-stop platform for enterprise innovation resource services, obtain new growth drivers for traditional enterprises, provide support and resources for emerging innovative entrepreneurs, bring breakthrough and opportunities to enterprises, and help improve the innovation and upgrading capabilities of enterprises in China.